About us

Innovative process monitoring system creates the best profit.

About us

Overview of 3View

“Smart factory” We’ve been working on technology development for the last 20 years for this.
In the early days of the company’s establishment, we created a process monitoring system (for metal forming), but then the customers gave us directions and we thought more about it.
And in search of a way to make them come true, even at night and on holidays, our destination headed there.
Smart Factory Solution, which combines MES, APS, AI Monitoring System, IoT, etc., has presented a new look since 2020.
It has been well received by the successful completion of this solution in the “various products” and “mass-production” industries, which are also known to be demanding in the industry , as a result, it was able to enter advanced countries such as Japan and the United States.
3View will continue to think in 3 dimensions, in 3 areas, more than 3 times, even if it’s a small problem for our customers, and we will continue to try to find out what’s really the way for their future.

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