Manufacturing execution systems that contribute to productivity improvement and cost reduction through integrated management of data at production sites

FactoryView™ MES

By collecting all data from the production site in real time, It improves problems and contributes to improving quality, cost and productivity.


FactoryView™ MES is a Manufacturing Execution System (MES).


It collects data of the manufacturing process that occurs in real time, and quickly and accurately grasps the real-time situation in the field.


It is an essential solution for a smart factory that solves problems and contributes to quality, cost and productivity improvement.

bad cycle 영

Before the introduction of MES

  • Because data is written manually or in Excel,
    it takes a lot of time and money to aggregate and manage.
  • Hard to find when a record is lost or needed.
  • Work procedures are not standardized,
    and vary from operator to operator.
  • It is difficult to immediately identify the occurrence
    of a defect, and it takes time to deal with it.
  • It is difficult to manage inventory or supply and demand of materials.
  • There is a lot of unused stock left and manufacturing costs
    are consumed more than necessary.
  • Materials cannot be tracked

After the introduction of MES

  • Production data can be aggregated in real time.
    Production status can be grasped immediately in the field,
    control room, and mobile.
  • It can check the current status of machine operation and
    real-time product.
  • Quality inspection results can be collected automatically
    and statistically analyzed.
  • All information from sales orders to product shipments
    can be integrated and managed organically.
  • Semi-finished products or raw materials required for products
    can be traced back to facilitate inventory management and
    material supply and demand.
good cycle 영


Real-time data collection

It collects data in real time using a dedicated terminal and sensor network. In addition to various production environment data such as pressure, temperature, speed, voltage, and current, it is possible to simultaneously collect and analyze a variety of data, including bar code information, automatic collection of quality measurement data, and machine operation history, including quality status and machine operation history.

Order-manufacturing-shipping in one pass

You can register sales order information and manage it by linking it with production products. Based on the registered order history and production targets, resource requirements can be calculated quickly and easily. Even if production conditions suddenly change, such as urgent orders, non-stocking of materials, and manpower fluctuations, you can respond quickly by modifying the production plan.

Lot tracking

Systematic management of material and process flow. When producing products, you can instantly see who, when, in what materials, in what machines and in what working environment. In addition, it minimizes the control range in case of defects by tracking which products were produced with.


It provides a strong interlock to maintain a high quality system. In case of failure to comply with established quality procedures such as process omission, inspection omission, first-in-first-out violation, the system fundamentally blocks them and controls product flow to prevent defects and malicious inventory.

Easy and convenient active system

It is an active system guided by the system so that users can use it easily and conveniently. It provides optimum convenience of use based on the experience required by various users.

l  Expectation effectiveness

– With the introduction of FactoryView™ MES, global manufacturing competitiveness can be secured through innovative effects of
productivity improvement, quality improvement, and cost reduction.

quality improvement

more equipment

manufacturing cost

Increased productivity

OEE improvement

l  Expected effects of introducing FactoryView™​

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